LETTER: Rafferty’s column was laced with prejudice

Letter to the editor submitted by John Caufield, Greenwich

David Rafferty’s most recent partisan and agenda driven column may have been the most distasteful and unscrupulous he has written thus far. I am outraged that the Greenwich Time could publish Mr. Rafferty’s article, laced with blatant prejudice and dishonesty. Mr. Rafferty referred to Fred as a “boss” in the trash hauling industry. What Mr. Rafferty meant this as a thinly veiled code word for Mafia, which Mr. Rafferty used in referring to Fred. It is outrageous that the editors of the Greenwich Time did not catch that reference when they reviewed his article for publication, showing a lack of professional and ethical behavior on the part of the editorial staff. Mr. Rafferty is an individual that should be condemned for using his position of influence for denigrating not only Mr. Camillo, but all Americans of Italian decent in our community. Quite frankly, anyone who knows Fred knows his character and his record in Hartford. Additionally, bringing in the Democratic complaints on national issues to a local race is a disheartening commentary about how Mr. Rafferty can find nothing to say about Fred, instead turning to character assassination and innuendo.

If Rafferty or other biased and partisan members of the editorial for the Greenwich Time want to discuss Fred’s record, they could begin with legislation he has written, introduced, and that have gained passage into law that are beneficial for members of our community. These bills include ones that protect innocent children and pets, aids our first responders, watches out for consumers, reforms our tax policies, promotes commerce, and expanded recycling. Many of these laws Fred is responsible for address distracted driving, identity theft, and protecting and encouraging good samaritans. He has served our community with dignity and integrity, being a voice at the Capitol for legislation that addresses the matters most to all his constituents.

Perhaps Mr. Rafferty, a failed legislative candidate a few election cycles past, is just another in a long line of lamenting and bitter individuals who can’t accept their failure to win elections and the confidence of their constituents to serve them, nor see the value in other’s opinions. I, for one, am proud of Fred’s values, his accomplished record in Hartford, and stand in strong support of his candidacy to lead our town, his hometown, this November.

Please join me and thousands of others in Greenwich in condemning Rafferty’s
blatant prejudice and unprincipled attacks, and in defense of one of Greenwich’s greatest champions.

John Caulfield