LETTER: Meskers represents constituents quickly, thoroughly and without bias to party affiliation.

Submitted by John Hopper, Cos  Cob

I need to share a big applause to Connecticut State Representative Stephen Meskers who helps all those he represents quickly, thoroughly and without bias to party affiliation.

With the many devastating and inconvenient aspects of  hurricane Isaias, our home was left without power, internet and cable for well over a week. This caused major issues trying to work from home, tackle the immense heat, and simply keep food from spooling.

The utilities either could not be reached, or arrogantly refused to adjust our bills reflecting the situation.  We called  Representative Meskers for help, and the issues were quickly resolved.  Stephen personally followed up with me and noted “this is what I’m here for – to help the citizens I represent”.   

This is the type of civil servant we need representing the needs of the “everyday man/woman.”

I know when I vote in November, track records like that of Stephen Meskers will be front and center.

John Hopper, Cos Cob

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