LETTER: Instituting Tipping Fees Is Short-Sighted Given Pandemic

Letter to the editor from Alanna Broderick, Cos Cob

As the world is experiencing an unprecedented pandemic with coronavirus. Routines have been ruined for everyone, businesses are closing, people are losing their jobs, basic necessities are dwindling, we’re all navigating unfamiliar and scary territory. What’s important is that our community gets to the other side.

Government officials should be focused on finding ways to support businesses and their constituents in this difficult time as well as help businesses and constituents save money.  It is very disappointing to see that the proposal for tipping fees for haulers is moving forward.  It is undeniably short-sighted to think that by charging tipping fees to garbage companies that it wouldn’t affect a household’s bottom line. It’s already undeniably expensive to live in Greenwich. As a result of this decision hard-working people, and businesses are going to have to pay more for this critical service.

After due diligence, I have realized that there is a line item already established in Greenwich business’s and resident’s property taxes that cover garbage disposal costs. Instead of increasing this line item to cover increased hauling fees the proposal to charge haulers, who provide a much-needed service, will result in them passing the cost along to customers in response. This strategy doesn’t seem to be the solution if the goal was not to have residents and businesses bear the burden of this increase. Can we go back to the drawing board?

Alanna Broderick
Cos Cob