LETTER: Hirsh for BOE is Level-Headed, Does Her Homework

Letter to the editor from Ann Marie Bulis and Rosemary Thibeault

We are writing as members of the Greenwich community to share our enthusiastic support for Karen Hirsh for the Board of Education. The students, families and taxpayers of Greenwich are fortunate to have a candidate of her caliber and dedication willing and able to serve their needs.

Having known Karen for the past ten years, as well as both having worked alongside her as Co-Presidents of the Glenville School PTA and previously as part of PTA Council, we believe that she would be a fantastic member of the Board of Education. She is dedicated, level-headed and works well with a wide range of people. Karen takes the time to do her homework to fully understand the issues, asks the important questions and considers all the options before making important decisions.

She also always has been the first to step forward and say “how can I help?” both personally with respect to our families as well as for issues that effect our broader community.

Karen has two children currently attending our public schools, yet her dedication to our district goes far beyond the interests of her own children – she is passionate about the quality of education for all students, and has advocated fairly and ardently for students, families, teachers, and administrators alike. She cares deeply about student health and well-being as evidenced by her commitment to improve student lunches, investigate screen time in the classroom, and bring our facilities into compliance with ADA requirements. Karen, as a member of the Board of Education, would truly work for the best interests of all students in Greenwich.

Education is a topic Karen is truly passionate about and we appreciate the enormous energy she brings to any volunteer position she has undertaken. You would be hard-pressed to find an individual that has attended more Board meetings than Karen in an effort to keep herself properly informed and updated for purposes of her volunteer commitments. She will be dedicated to involving the community in discussions and decisions the Board will face and improving transparency between the Board and stakeholders. During her campaign, Karen has been reaching out and working hard to gather input from parents, teachers, and other community members to hear their views on the Greenwich Public Schools and we believe she will continue to do so if she is elected.

For all of these reasons, we hope you will join us in giving Karen Hirsh one of your votes for the Board of Education on Election Day.

Ann Marie Bulis and Rosemary Thibeault