LETTER: Greenwich Town Ordinance Clear Regarding Advertising on The Ave

Letter to the editor from Ted Smith, Greenwich

A Town Selectwoman was quoted in a Sunday op-ed in Greenwich Time titled, Should pop-up signs in Greenwich be banned?” by David Rafferty, as not knowing whether the Town has a policy on advertising.

I presume the Selectwoman meant she did not know whether the new Board of Selectmen had a policy on such advertisements.

Below are some excerpts from the current Town ordinances which seem relevant.


The purpose of the regulations contained in this section is to avoid signs that are likely to create traffic hazards or otherwise be detrimental to the public health, welfare and safety; to aid in preserving and enhancing the aesthetic, environmental and historical values of the community; to protect, conserve and enhance property values; and to maintain and preserve pleasant surroundings so as to improve life for all residents of Greenwich.


All signs that are on the public right of way are expressly prohibited except those signs erected by or on behalf of:

(1) A governmental body to convey public information or direct pedestrian or vehicular traffic;

(2) A public transit company bus stop or similar signs;

(3) Public utility informational signs; or

(4) A hospital or educational, civic, historic, or religious institution; a neighborhood, fraternal or athletic organization or a country club that gives directions thereto or conveys public information

Or temporary non-commercial signs under guidelines issued by the Office of the First Selectman or designee and for which a permit has been issued by the Zoning Enforcement Officer pursuant to such guidelines.

Any sign on the public right of way that does not conform to this section shall be forfeited to the public and subject to confiscation without notice by any authorized officer.

ThinkGreenwich banners hang from lamp posts on Greenwich Avenue. Aug 15, 2019 Photo: Leslie YagerThe current advertisements on the lamp posts on Greenwich Avenue are for Compass Realtors (25), Greenwich Film Festival (17), and Yale-New Haven Health System (22). Only Greenwich Film Festival is a non-profit.

I understand that the Town does not get any of the revenue from these advertisements on Greenwich Avenue.  Where does the money go and what does it support?

Ted Smith is a life-time Greenwich resident.