Letter: Greenwich Republican Candidates Run as Far from President Trump as They Can

Letter to the editor submitted by Peter E. Berg (RTM District 8), Steven H. Bruce, Diane Morello, Monica Prihoda (RTM District 6), David Snyder, and Janis Stahlhut

To the Editor:

It is crystal clear what the Connecticut Republican delegation election strategy is for 2018:  Run away from President Trump and ignore everything his policies are doing to hurt Connecticut families and businesses.

We have seen it firsthand in recent Greenwich local election debates and in meetings of the State Republicans as they either ignore everything Trump and Washington or simply state Washington has nothing to do with Hartford.  Nice try!

The plain truth that the Connecticut Republican Party and Greenwich Republicans want you to ignore is that President Trump and the Republican controlled Senate and House of Representatives is having a material impact on Greenwich and Connecticut.

Below is just a small sampling of the Trump Administration’s policies and potential policies that are hurting Connecticut and Greenwich today and promise to do more damage in the very near future:

1.     The Trump/Republican tax bill is costing taxpayers and businesses in Greenwich more due to limitations on deducting state income taxes and property taxes to just $10,000 in total per year.

2.     The Trump Administration degrading of our environmental laws threaten our coastline, rivers and air.

3.   The dismantling of the Affordable Care Act is raising health care costs for Connecticut and driving more and more insurers out of the small business insurance market.

4.   The threats to defund Planned Parenthood and other social programs continue to be a high priority for this administration and will hurt Connecticut families.

5.    The Trump tariffs imposed already are hurting vital industries in Connecticut that export to Europe or count on overseas manufacturers to provide goods that make up a vital part of the supply chain.

6.     With the appointment of Justice Kavanagh, we now must expect that a woman’s right to choose is in real danger.

7.     Our relations with our most important strategic defense partners has deteriorated while we embrace hostile foreign dictatorships that kill American citizens, jail journalists, ignore human rights, destroy our environment and interfere in our elections.

8.    The Trump Administration promised to build a border wall paid for by Mexico and is using Connecticut tax dollars to fund this folly since Mexico has refused to pay for it.

9.    The Trump Administration is an ardent supporter of the NRA and will attempt to overturn Connecticut’s common sense gun laws designed to limit gun violence.  Would you like to see Connecticut become a concealed carry, assault weapon, high capacity, and bump stock friendly state again?

10.   The Connecticut Republican Party is silent as the President time and time again demonstrates behavior that makes him unfit for office.  Think Charlottesville and those very fine people on both sides!

It is no wonder the Connecticut Republican Party and Greenwich Republicans running for state offices try to run as far away from President Trump as they can.  But in 2016 those same Republicans were all in for Trump and the top of the 2018 Connecticut Republican ticket is all in for the President today.

Senate Leader McConnell said he was going to punish those states that voted Democratic in 2016 and so far he has succeeded.

If we want to have any chance of stopping the Trump Administration from continuing to put in place policies designed to hurt Connecticut, then vote and elect Democratic candidates.

Respectfully yours,

Peter E. Berg, RTM District 8, Cos Cob

Steven H. Bruce, Old Greenwich

Diane Morello, Riverside

Monica Prihoda, RTM District 6, Old Greenwich

David Snyder, Old Greenwich

Janis Stahlhut, Old Greenwich

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