Fiscal Freedom for CT: Keep It Local! Vote for Frantz on November 6

Letter from Laura Gladstone of Fiscal Freedom for Connecticut

While watching Democratic candidate Bergstein during the debate with her demeaning attitude towards State Senator Frantz, it’s easy to see how she is not able to relate to the residents of Connecticut.

Lately, most of the politics in Greenwich have focused on the national agenda. Left wing organizations such as Indivisible and March On that support Bergstein have only brought national agenda items to our local government.

None of their causes that they have pushed have helped the residents of Greenwich. They have only hurt them (e.g. plastic bag tax, anti-fracking, tolls). They fail to see why it’s important to focus on the local needs of the residents of Greenwich, and Bergstein fails to as well.

During the debate, she lacked specific details and had no plan to solve our state’s fiscal crises. She seemed to be confused about how much large infrastructure projects would cost. Bergstein’s plans include more spending, tax increases and highway tolls, which are nothing but a continuation of the failed policies that have sent our beautiful state to near bankruptcy.

In an email a few months ago soliciting support for her failed Republican candidate for Governor, Bergstein wrote, “besides national tax cuts, which we already got, what else is there?” shows that she is woefully out of touch with the needs of the residents of Connecticut.

Maybe it’s because she is not from here that she has no idea that while the rest of the country is growing and unemployment is reaching record lows, Connecticut stays stagnant or declining in most areas. She seems to be unaware of the fact that Connecticut is 46th in the country for businesses.

Scott Frantz, on the other hand, has lived here his entire life and unlike other candidates has an impeccable reputation. He is has fought tirelessly for his local constituents and gone up against Malloy numerous times in order to bring home a bi-partisan bill that would stop profligate spending. He understands that highway tolls are just another working class tax.

Most workers cannot afford another $2,000 a year in highway taxes. And Bergstein – a self-proclaimed environmentalist – does not seem to understand that tolls will bring more pollution and traffic to our local neighborhoods as people seek to avoid the expensive tolls on the main highways.

However, we do give her credit in her follow-up after the debate, the subject line of her mass email was worthy of Trump – she wrote “I Won!” Unfortunately, only Trump can pull off that type of hubris.

Let’s not turn Greenwich into Westchester, with high taxes and low home values.

Let’s keep it local. Vote for Frantz!

Laura Gladstone
Fiscal Freedom CT