Letter: Gaetane Francis is a Practicing Physician Who Volunteers, Attends BOE Meetings

Letter to the editor from Rosemary Thibeault

I am writing to endorse Gaetane Francis as a member of the Board of Education in Greenwich.

In the past eight years I have gotten to know Gaetane in many capacities – neighbor, fellow volunteer, baseball mom, and friend. I am always awed and inspired by her kindness, determination and passion. Gaetane’s dedication is limitless and her depth knowledge on important educational issues is remarkable. Most importantly, when you speak to her about issues, she truly listens. Gaetane synthesizes all she hears and sees into productive action. We need her on our Board.

She is a practicing physician here in Greenwich and still finds the time to volunteer, attend almost every BOE meeting (for as long as I can remember!) and be an advocate for quality education in our schools. Last year she was a nominee for the Essence Award for the “significant difference” that she has made to our schools. I have seen Gaetane in action through the years when she helped create differentiation materials at our elementary school and acted as a chairperson of our town-wide PTA Council Advanced Learning Program. It was in this role that I have seen what she can do for our entire school district. She supports the idea that individualized learning will benefit ALL children, moving at their own pace to maximize every child’s potential.

Like Gaetane, my children are in the public school system here in Greenwich. I care deeply about their education and our public schools; I know that Gaetane Francis is the right person for the job!

Learn more about Gaetane at: francisforboe.com

I invite you to join me in voting for Gaetane Francis on Tuesday, November 3rd!

Rosemary Thibeault