Letter from Dita Bhargava’s Mother: My Daughter is a Truly Caring Individual

Letter to the editor from Shobhana Bhargava, submitted Oct. 27, 2016

I am writing about my daughter, Dita Bhargava. I am a single immigrant mother of three daughters. When Dita was young, I unfortunately could not provide my family with much beyond basic needs.

I was a working mother and remember at the age of 7 years old, Dita would get up at 6:30 am before I left to make sure I had eaten my breakfast, that my lunch was in my hand and that I could get out on time to catch the bus to my workplace.

Dita has always had a warm, caring heart that she has carried throughout her life and an admirable work ethic. She studied enthusiastically to obtain her electrical engineering degree and then worked hard in her career as a highly successful trader and hedge fund portfolio manager.

Dita has never forgotten her humble roots. She has always looked for ways to give back and advocate for her community. Most recently she went to Hartford to testify at public hearings to help pass a legislative bill that would empower women and men to stay in the workforce while having the ability to take care of family.

Dita’s fighting spirit and compassion is exactly what our State needs. Please vote for my daughter on November 8th. I am sure she will make you just as proud as I am.

Shobhana Bhargava