LETTER: For Fiscal Freedom, fiscal responsibility is defined in penny-wise, pound foolish terms

Letter submitted by Monica Prihoda Note that while I may be a member of the RTM, this is my individual opinion only

“Fiscal responsibility” is a hot topic in Greenwich and will most likely continue after Election Day.

The Fiscal Femmes recently re-branded themselves as Fiscal Freedom for CT (FFs for CT).  As I understand it, for the FFs for CT, fiscal responsibility is defined in penny-wise, pound foolish terms which believes it is prudent to let basic maintenance around Greenwich deteriorate until it is more costly to repair down the road.  Really?   Not support our teachers and town employees and more?  Does this really serve our Town of Greenwich?  Seems to me it is fiscally irresponsible to the Nth degree.

Similarly, perhaps Indivisible Greenwich which is under ongoing attack and name calling by the aforesaid group as fiscally irresponsible, radical, crazy, all things negative, etc., should re-brand itself as the Purple Wave Greenwich.

Real fact:  Indivisible is composed of like minded Republicans, Democrats and Independent residents who have united to stand up for principles of decency and for the common good, not just the good of a select few.

As a resident of Greenwich I will always support and sign a petition for the public welfare and safety be it a plastic bag ban or no fracking transport ban ordinance, to support our schools and teachers, a fire house, clean water or clean air.

Thank you and respectfully yours,

Monica Prihoda, Old Greenwich