Letter: Democrats Should Vote for Ned Lamont at August 14 Primary

Letter to the editor submitted by Sherry Wernicke, Riverside, July 15, 2018

On August 14, Democrats will go to the polls to vote for their choice to be the next governor of the state of Connecticut. This primary and the general election in November represent a critical step in whether or not Connecticut will be a place that both its residents and businesses can thrive. To get there, we need a strong voice to represent our communities and lead us forward. I believe that person is Ned Lamont.

What’s important to me right now is how we can turn this state around to create more jobs and retain more residents and businesses. Ned has met with academics, labor leaders, and CEOs, asking how government, business, and labor can work together to move our state forward. That coupled with his own background starting and running small businesses has resulted in very real, workable ideas and solutions for the issues facing our state.

Building an economy that creates jobs by investing in job training that matches today’s opportunities with acquiring the skills of tomorrow; that addresses our transportation issues and repairs our infrastructure; and that works to make our cities vibrant and welcoming to new business all sound like solid ideas. I like that.

But, it’s also important to me that Ned has plans to improve our schools and education, preserve the environment, and ensure access to affordable, quality health care.

So, please remember to vote on Aug 14 and support Ned Lamont for governor. He is uniquely qualified to put Connecticut on the road to success. Now more than ever your vote matters!

Sherry Wernicke