LETTER: Camillo’s Voting Record Has Worked Against Half His Constituents

Letter to the editor from Lorelei O’Hagan, Cos Cob

Recent letters have listed non-controversial, bi-partisan, easy to pass bills Fred Camillo supported to highlight his legislative successes over more than ten years as State Representative. What is relevant to Camillo’s candidacy for First Selectman is that his total voting record has universally worked against the interests of more than 50% of the constituents of the First Selectman of Greenwich; women and families.

In the area of reproductive freedom, Fred Camillo directed his efforts and votes to undermining access to quality and safe reproductive care. He cosponsored numerous bills to add delays and road blocks for women seeking abortions and voted to defund local Planned Parenthood centers.

In the area of family health and wellbeing, Fred Camillo voted against the creation of the health insurance marketplace Access Health CT that now covers more than 100,000 CT residents.

He voted against the earned income tax credit and against raising the minimum wage.

He voted repeatedly against studies for paid leave programs and this year voted no on the Paid Family and Medical leave Act in support of working parents in the care of a newborn or sick family member.

In there area of education, Fred Camillo voted to eliminate an important scholarship program for minority students, while supporting drastic funding cuts for higher public education, and a targeted teacher tax, strongly opposed by the Connecticut Teacher Association.

There are not national issues. These are local and personal. Fred Camillo cannot credibly lead all of Greenwich while supporting less than half.

My vote will go to Jill Oberlander for First Selectman.

Lorelei O’Hagan
Cos Cob Resident