Letter: Camillo Works Hard as Member of CT’s Legislative Animal Welfare Caucus

Letter to the editor submitted by Susan B. Linker, Chief Executive Officer, Our Companions Animal Rescue, Sept 25, 2018

Our Companions Animal Rescue would like to thank Representative Fred Camillo who works hard for the constituents in his district while also being part of Connecticut’s Legislative Animal Welfare Caucus, a select group of Representatives who couple district concerns with support for humane legislation in Hartford.

Just this year, Representative Camillo was a champion for animals left in automobiles during extreme weather conditions.  He also has sponsored and co-sponsored bills to address animal injustices such as Desmond’s Law, the first in the Nation to advance the interest of justice by providing an advocate in the courtroom on animal cruelty cases.

Representative Camillo lead the charge that successfully passed the Pet Lemon Law and Buddy’s Law that requires euthanasia of a dog or cat be performed by a licensed veterinarian.

Representative Camillo understands the importance of addressing animal cruelty in society not only because these deeds are inherently inhumane but because it can be an indicator of other violence – the well document link between animal cruelty and domestic violence.

Representative Camillo is among a respected and appreciated group of legislators at the Capitol who make it their business to ensure CT pays attention to these matters.  Our Companions is grateful to Representative Camillo and some of his colleagues for their compassion and dedication to creating a more humane environment in our state.