Letter: Camillo Supports Humane Legislation for Animals

Letter to the editor submitted by Lori Nicholson President Bark to Be Heard and HSUS District Leader CT, September 8, 2018

I’ve worked with Representative Fred Camillo on humane legislation for years now, and he is one of the most compassionate people I know. If you want to know what he stands for, just look at some of the bills he’s supported.

Fred supported legislation that would ban the use of cruel gestation crates for gestating sows and keep this horrific practice from ever coming to Connecticut. He said he wanted to, “promote decency towards animals that can love, feel and think.”

Fred also co-sponsored a bill that would prohibit pet shops from selling dogs and cats obtained from substandard domestic animal mills. The terrible puppy mills we have all heard about, that continually export to Connecticut pet stores. Places where mother dogs never leave their cages or feel the love of a human being.

Fred Camillo takes animal abuse seriously which is why he supported a bill,” To require a showing of good cause in order to invoke a pretrial program for accelerated rehabilitation on behalf of a person charged with animal abuse.” The majority of animal abuse cases are nolled, or dismissed, leaving animals, children and adults unprotected from what has been coined the cycle of violence or the link.

Fred cares what happens to the poor animals that end up in an animal shelter. In order to ensure these creatures are treated well, he co-sponsored a bill that created a task force to study the humane treatment of animals in municipal and regional shelters.

Fred Camillo is a man with a big heart and a friend to creatures great and small.

With Respect,

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Lori Nicholson, President Bark to Be Heard and HSUS District Leader CT

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