LETTER: Camillo is the best person for Greenwich First Selectman

Letter To the Editor from Rosalind and Jonathan Shapiro, Greenwich

My husband and I are lifelong Democrats. We fully support Fred Camillo for First Selectman of Greenwich.

We have lived in this wonderful town of Greenwich for over 40 years. We have known Fred Camillo for over 30 years. We greatly appreciate his lifelong dedication and hard work for the Town of Greenwich, the State of Connecticut, and all of its citizens. He follows in the footsteps of exemplary Republican First Selectmen.

Fred is a man of outstanding service to his fellow citizens and neighbors and has been an active supporter of youth activities. And who cannot love a dog lover?

As First Selectman, Fred will continue his mission to be always there for all of us, and his honesty, caring, and realistic approach to local policies is based on his deep knowledge of our town having been brought up here.

We believe that among the key policies that Fred supports are:

1. Minimal long-term debt
2. Prioritization of capital expenses
3. More public-private-partnerships (PPP)

Much success to Fred!

The best person for Greenwich First Selectman!

Rosalind and Jonathan Shapiro