Letter: Camillo has a moderate and common sense approach

Letter to the Editor from Julie Nixon, Old Greenwich submitted Sept 27, 2018

It has never been more important to vote for the right people and not just the people of “our party.”

Let’s make an example to Washington that on the local level, it is the work that matters and the representatives that get that work done who we will vote for.  Politics aside, it is my pleasure talk about what Fred Camillo has accomplished during his years as our 151st District State Representative.

Fred has always had our backs. He wrote and passed the Good Samaritan Law protecting us from liability when rescuing a child or pet from a vehicle in extreme weather.

He created a credit and consumer protection law requiring companies to increase identity protection after breaches and preventing credit reporting agencies from charging us to freeze or unlock credit reports.

He introduced the idea of an Animal Abuse Registry.

He wrote and got passed legislation that gives Connecticut residents the strongest volunteer protection law in the country and was part of a team that wrote and got passed our state’s Distracted Driving Law.

He protected our emergency workers by creating another law that gave Fire Police Patrolman the authority to issue tickets so that those people could come to our rescue during fires.

As a parent, a teacher, a proud resident of the Havemeyer Park neighborhood in Old Greenwich and a registered Democrat I’m always impressed that Fred gets so much done that means so much to us.

His moderate and common sense approach enables him to work easily with both parties.

Fred is a true representative who is working hard to make our world a better place. He doesn’t just talk about making things better, he makes it happen. Because of him, we are safer, our children and pets are safer, our fire police are safer and all of us are safer from distracted drivers.

Fred doesn’t do his work for the “party,” he works for us, the people of Connecticut.

That’s how it should be and too often it’s not. So let’s support the people like Fred Camillo who listen, act and get the work done that makes us safer, no matter what color their bumper stickers are.

This is one Democrat that’s happy Fred Camillo has my back and plans to show it in November.

Julie Nixon
Old Greenwich