Letter: Bhargava is Most Well-Rounded Candidate for State Rep Dist 151

Letter to the editor submitted by Amy McGrath, Oct 19, 2016

Dita Bhargava is the most well-rounded candidate running for state representative in the 151st district of Greenwich. After retiring from a twenty-year career in finance, Dita turned her full attention to serving the community. She is a Co-Founder and Board Member of several nonprofits that aim to promote gender parity, cultural awareness, and closing the education inequality gap.

Being the daughter of an immigrant, single mother, Dita understands the importance of advocating for legislation that supports and helps maintain strong family units. Dita is not a politician, and is open to hearing arguments from people on all sides before coming to a decision.

Amidst this year of political divisiveness, Dita represents a welcomed change. When elected, Dita will not hesitate reaching across the aisle when necessary to get things done. Running for State Representative is the next logical step for a woman who has worked her whole life to help others.

This is why I’ll be voting for Dita Bhargava on November 8th, and why you should be too!

Amy McGrath

Note: Deadline to submit letters to the editor in support of candidates for the Nov 8 election is October 28, 2016