Letter: Bernstein Embodies the Nonpartisan Spirit

Letter to the editor from John V Bologna, Oct 24, 2017

I am writing in strong support of the candidacy of Peter Bernstein for re-election to the Town of Greenwich Board of Education.

Peter brings the perspective of being a parent and a former PTA president to the board. In recent years we have both had children at Julian Curtiss and Central Middle School. He regularly attends events such as concerts and the annual United Nations Day Parade at J.C. Peter is always available to parents and attentive to their thoughts and concerns about our schools.

Peter embodies the nonpartisan spirit which is currently the foundation of our school board and which is endangered by this election.

He is collaborative and willing to cooperate with his fellow board members to set clear, ascertainable goals.

Most importantly, he supports our new superintendent, Dr. Gildea and is invested in her success, which will translate to stability and high achievement levels for our schools.

Peter will make sure the board operates at a high level, leaving the day to day work of the running the district to Dr. Gildea, without interference or attempted micro-management.

Please be sure to vote for Peter Bernstein in this important election on November 7.

John V. Bologna
Greenwich, CT

Editor’s Note: Deadline for letters for Nov 7 electionis Oct 31.