LETTER: As Tax Collector, Richman’s List of Accomplishments Is Nothing Short of Impressive

Letter to the editor submitted by Joseph Smith, Riverside

What is it about being born in Greenwich and growing up in this town that some folks seem to think automatically qualifies someone to hold elective office?

Yes, Greenwich has produced many fine, upstanding and brilliant individuals, but it’s a dubious connection at best to think there’s a direct line between their place of birth and education and their successes in life or fitness for a specific job.  In this particular election season, rather than where were you born or where did you grow up, the real question we Greenwich voters need to ask is “what have you done for Greenwich lately”?

In his very first term in office as Tax Collector for the Town of Greenwich, Howard Richman racked up a list of accomplishments that is nothing short of impressive, benefiting all of Greenwich’s hard-working taxpayers.  Beyond his specific accomplishments, in less than two years Howard Richman has restored faith among the taxpaying citizens of Greenwich – a faith that was severely undermined by his predecessor – that our hard-earned tax dollars are being handled responsibly and in keeping with the fiduciary obligations of the office of Tax Collector.

Howard Richman’s challenger cites her compassion and her experience working in the tax collector’s office as qualifications.  But during her tenure under Howard’s predecessor – despite the GOP’s talk of low taxes – “compassion” for those unable or unwilling to pay their fair share of taxes resulted in a higher mill rate than was necessary. While concern for the indigent is noble, it’s not the role of the Tax Collector to determine who gets a charity pass on taxes.  Why should we cast a vote for someone who has made it clear they won’t do what the job requires?

The best decisions are those made on the basis of facts, not emotions, and the facts say that Howard Richman is the clear best choice for Tax Collector of the Town of Greenwich.  A vote of Howard Richman is a vote for confidence in Greenwich’s finances.  I’m voting for him on Tuesday, November 5th; make sure you vote for him too!

Joseph Smith