Letter: April 22 Paper Shredding Event in Greenwich is Equivalent to 180 Trees

Letter to the Editor submitted by Joanne Clark, April 1, 2017

Earth Day is April 22nd. It’s an annual celebration to raise awareness about local and global environmental issues. Consider effects from air pollution, drought, overflowing landfills, ocean pollution, invasive vines and local litter. We can all play a role in protecting our natural environment.

A Paper Shredding Event is set for April 22 from 9:30am to 12:30pm at Island Beach parking lot. The event, which is for Greenwich residents, is run by volunteers from Greenwich Recycling Advisory Board and Greenwich Green & Clean.

Maximum is six boxes per car at $2 per box. Shreds go directly to a recycling facility and ultimately remanufactured, thus saving trees.

“We expect to shred over 10 tons or 3 trucks of paper which is equal to over 180 trees,” James Santaguida said. ‘Our goal is to keep paper out of the trash. Shredding is a safe way to recycle old documents.”

“The tonnage has increased each year since the event began in 2012. Residents like this opportunity to destroy old personal documents to protect from identity theft,” said Frank Gaudio, CEO, The First Bank of Greenwich. “It’s a win-win for residents and the trees they save.”

Trees provide oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, providing clean air. Trees are particularly important in Greenwich – there are two major highways running through Town and constant local traffic. One large tree can provide a one-day supply of oxygen for four people. Driving fewer miles will benefit everyone.

Earth Day question: When is the best time to plant a tree?

Answer: Twenty years ago. Second-best time? Today.

Happy Earth Day. Happy planting.

Joanne Clark
Old Greenwich