LETTER: Approvals Granted, Neighbor to Neighbor Looks to the Future

On October 18, 2016, the Greenwich Planning and Zoning Commission granted final site plan approval and a special permit for Neighbor to Neighbor to construct a freestanding building on land owned by Christ Church Greenwich.

Neighbor would like to recognize the work of so many over the past 13 months and thank the Commissioners, the public, our donors and supporters, Christ Church and neighboring property owners for their time and advice on this important project.

The new facility will allow Neighbor to Neighbor to continue serving the Greenwich community by ensuring that low-income area residents have access to nutritious food as well as clothing, linens and household items generously donated by Greenwich residents, non-profit groups, and local businesses.

The municipal and state land use process was an open one. After more than one year and ten public hearings, all voices have been heard. At every stage of the process, Neighbor welcomed input from the community, both in favor and opposed. We strove to maintain a professional and appropriate discourse throughout the process. While Neighbor may not have agreed with an opposing argument, it does not mean it was not heard and considered by us. The dedicated volunteers of the Town’s reviewing agencies also heard and understood the public comments and decided appropriately.

We look forward now to continuing the important work of serving the Greenwich community. We reiterate our sincerely held beliefs, supported by ample evidence, that this new building will provide a great benefit to the community as a whole while neither diminishing the integrity of the neighboring Tomes-Higgins House nor disrupting the East Putnam Avenue neighborhood in which we have operated for over 40 years. The State Historic Preservation Officer has determined the new building will have no adverse effect on the Putnam Hill Historic District. The Office of Safety and Traffic Administration has determined the project will have no adverse traffic impacts. Our clients will continue to seek our assistance through referrals from a network of social service providers, as it has been since 1975 when we opened our doors on the Christ Church campus.

We have been good neighbors for the past 40 years, and we pledge today to continue to be so.

Karen Royce, President of the Board
Nancy Coughlin, Executive Director