Letter: America Cries

Letter to the editor submitted by Wheatleigh Dunham, registered Independent, Aug 15, 2018

While one of my kids is inside getting a dental procedure, I’m waiting in a peaceful green garden with flowers. There is a toddler screaming over and over, “I want my mommy,” to what is obviously a loving caretaker while mother presumably is getting a procedure too.

I was going to put my earphones to drown this out. No. I moved closer and am listening to this wailing, scared child.

I am thinking of the reported 500 or so children still under US and international law illegally separated from parents legally seeking asylum.

I wish our deaf, defiant and court order ignoring president could hear these wails of suffering.

He and those around him don’t care about people of color. I think of the unimaginable pain and suffering of these children (and parents) possibly permanently orphaned by a president too incompetent to even manage this illegal separation process connecting children with parents.

This is the ugly face of America today. I am unspeakably ashamed.

I take no joy in watching Trump self-immolate. He has intentionally and wistfully set America on fire. He’s an affront to every American and their families that have died or suffered physical and mental wounds to defend our freedoms, laws, and values.

Today, all of America cries. Lonely, scared children in cages may never see their mommies. I’ll listen to these screams for help until justice is served. America needs strong borders. America is smarter and better than this self-inflicted national nightmare. I challenge anyone to offer a defense of taxpayer-supported child abuse. Anyone.

Stop illegal border entry legally and with basic compassion, not needless mental and physical suffering.