Letter: $100,000 for a Re-Branding Campaign for Greenwich is Unnecessary

Letter to the editor submitted by Louisa Green, March 8, 2017

This expenditure of $100,000 for a Re-Branding Ad Campaign for Greenwich is totally unnecessary!

With all the talented PR & Advertising executives living in Greenwich, I have to believe we could get a fantastic campaign written and produced by volunteers!

And, wouldn’t the fact that our ad campaign was, indeed, donated to the Town prove what a great place Greenwich is?

This a community that utilizes volunteers to fulfill many important jobs.

I have served on many Boards in town that have donated MAJOR capital projects through the efforts of volunteers – the Perrot Library Children’s Wing, the Bruce Park Playground, the house that Kids in Crisis resides in, The Greenwich Point Conservancy. I could go on and on.

Save my tax dollars for something more important than an ad campaign. You might even conduct a contest among the high school students to produce a TV, YouTube and print campaign as to why people would want to live in Greenwich.

As a Junior League member for decades, I helped start the Greenwich Youth Film Festival. We have talent right in our “back yard.” Let the cameras roll by the very citizens who live here!

Louisa S. Greene Formerly a Corporate Wife who moved to Greenwich from Tokyo after a visit to Tod’s Point – not because of any ad campaign!