KELLY: Greenwich is at a Crossroads

Submitted by Bill Kelly

Two years ago I ran for First Selectman. I lost. Greenwich was then, and is now, at a crossroads. Two of the key reasons people move to Greenwich are great schools and low taxes. We need the facilities our children learn in to match the quality of our teachers. Great schools will continue to raise property values which will help keep our mill rate low.

Laura Erickson and Janet Stone McGuigan are dedicated to this Town, will work tirelessly for the betterment of Greenwich and certainly have no hidden agendas. Contrary to silly signs they have no grand plans for higher taxes or high rises. And both, by the way, are very nice people. You would actually enjoy having a glass of wine with them, as I have.

As for the Board of Estimate, EVERYONE of them on the ballot will be elected! That is NOT the issue. The political party that has the most total votes gets ONE extra vote and controls the Board. I urge you to vote for everyone on the Democratic line. Everyone.

Turning to the RTM, please DON’T VOTE for Everyone. Vote for those you know and trust. Learn as much as you can or take recommendations from someone you trust but please do not blindly vote because the outcome matters.

My wife, Barbara and I were fortunate to move to Greenwich over thirty years ago and both of my daughters attended GPS. One has moved back with two grandchildren. We are very lucky. I believe in Greenwich and presently serve as Chairman of the Julian Curtiss Building committee.

I have served multiple terms on the Board of Education, Board of Estimate and the RTM. Julian Curtiss is my eighth school building committee. I care about this Town and this election matters. If you have read this far I thank you and I urge you to please vote for Laura, Janet and the Democratic BET.

Bill Kelly

NOTE: The deadline to submit letters to the editor about candidates in Greenwich’s Nov 7 municipal election is Monday, Oct 30th at 12:00 noon