Kaliko: Supports Malloy, Recommends Bocchino for State Rep

The following letter to the editor was submitted from Joe Kaliko.

Many of you know I am a fervent supporter of our Democratic Governor Dan Malloy!  My loyalty to him personally is unwavering.Yet, when it comes to the Connecticut General Assembly (CGA), and the race for the seat being vacated by Steve Walko in the 150th, I would ask my fellow citizens to consider voting for Republican Mike Bocchino.Here is why.

I submit, the unified Republican Delegation from Greenwich has served the state well and reflects the conservative values of our community up in Hartford.

It offers a counterweight to and facilitates debate within the Democratically controlled CGA!

Jill Oberlander is a great campaigner and no doubt is well qualified to represent the 150th; however she would disrupt the unity with which our Republican Delegation speaks and acts as the “Conscience of Connecticut”.

Senator Scott Frantz is the brilliant conservative  businessman keeping his eye on state spending, the burgeoning deficit and the state’s fiscal management.  He is like the teams quarterback!

Livvy Floren has the years and years of experience and contacts in Hartford to help her constituents at home. She consistently delivers on returning money from Hartford; and works well with Governor Malloy and the administration.

Fred Camillo is our voice of compassion and common sense, championing volunteerism, protecting our firefighters, pets, commerce and so much more. Fred and I even founded a Public Charity which has spent time and money working with the handicapped, disenfranchised and helping other charities that in turn aid our community (see www.theneedsclearinghouse.org
to learn about the non-partisan Needs Clearing House, or “NCH”).

This “team”, all being sent back to Hartford, needs a strong community minded ally which Mike Bocchino will in fact be.

Mike has proved to me and many others that he will be an integral  “team partner”,  by recently taking charge and almost single handedly “resurrecting” the Byram Volunteer Fire Company.  The company had virtually collapsed before Mike stepped in.  He worked tirelessly along side the NCH to breath life into this volunteer group and make us all safer from Byram to Bellhaven and beyond.

Although I urge you to vote for my friend Dan Malloy for Governor (the man I trust most to continue to lead our state), I at the same time urge you to keep the “team” of Republicans I am so proud to call our Greenwich Delegation, in Hartford!

I truly believe good, honest debate leads to good decisions, accountability and good government.

Continue to give the Greenwich “team” the ability to speak with one voice, as it has successfully done for the past century!
Vote for Mike Bocchino on November 4th!  !Sincerely,
Joe Kaliko
Note: Greenwich Free Press deadline for submitting letters to the editor for the Nov. 4, 2014 election is closed.