Jeff Ramer: Bhargava Has Deep Expertise in Finance

Letter to the Editor, Sept. 21, 2016 from Jeff Ramer

To the Editor:

I am pleased to speak in support of the Candidacy of Dita Bhargava for the Connecticut State Assembly.

We have had some fine people represent us at the State Legislature over the years, but they have not generally been people skilled in finance. The same may have been true of the representatives from the other districts. People truly skilled in finance are often dedicated to their careers, and not interested in public service. That flaw may have something to do with the financial issues at the State that now haunt us. Dita Bhargava has a deep expertise in finance from her long and successful career on Wall Street. We should be sending people to Hartford who have the skills to solve our problems, rather than just more of the same.

There is a second point to be made: Greenwich has a far more diverse population than Hartford may realize. Our community includes people with real needs and these are commonly needs serviced in other communities by funding through State programs. In some measure, we may be experiencing cuts in funding or failures to fund, because the needs of our people are poorly understood in Hartford. Some of that lack of understanding may be partly because we doggedly send only Republican representatives to explain our case to a Democratic Legislature. Dita Bhargava is a moderate Democrat, with a cooperative outreach to both sides of the aisle. Her candidacy is an opportunity to open a dialogue between our delegation and the Legislature as a whole.

The candidacy of Dita Bhargava is an opportunity for change.

Jeff Ramer