Harry Arora: Himes is Not a Centrist

Submitted by Harry Arora, Republican Candidate for US Congress, CT-4, who is challenging Democratic Incumbent Jim Himes

The New Democratic coalition and its chair Jim Himes exemplify the hypocrisy which exists in our political establishment.

Jim Himes says he is a centrist, but there is barely anything in his record to support that. He says he is pro-growth but facts point to his anti-business and growth-stalling agenda. He says he supports a dynamic competitive economy but he clearly has supported government control of every facet of our economy and our life. He says he is bipartisan, but he has voted with Nancy Pelosi 95% of the time. His policies and votes have truly hurt our middle class. When it comes to term limits, campaign finance, women’s rights, democratic values – his hypocrisy is appalling.

The anti-growth agenda of Himes has immensely harmed Fairfield county and our state. The draconian finance and insurance laws which he has championed has killed jobs in our district. Congress(wo)men from California bat for technology and those from Midwest bat for agriculture, but it is only Jim Himes from CT who takes a bat and bludgeons industry in his own state. He voted against the earned child tax credit earlier this year. He voted against “opportunity zones” which would be of great help to cities like Bridgeport and Norwalk. For all his anti-Trump rhetoric he failed to voice and negotiate any concession to the elimination of the SALT deduction.

Jim Himes has shown tendencies towards government control for a long time. His undergraduate thesis gave a thumbs up to communist committees in Nicaragua. His support of the ACA and now his reticence to stand up to his party’s advocating for government control of the entire healthcare system shows how he stands against the dynamic private sector. He voted against corporate tax cuts and supported government threats and bullying to keep corporations in America.

Jim Himes refuses to recognize the havoc the ACA has created for the middle class in our country. He refuses to believe that the ACA has left the middle class with no healthcare choices. In his opinion, those who are self-employed and work for small business should be punished with penalties rather than provided with affordable choices. He has weakened the possibility of attaining middle class because being in middle class implies losing access to healthcare.

His hypocrisy on so many issues leaves me in disbelief. He was for term limits until he himself became a five term incumbent – now he no longer believes in them. He claims to being all in about women’s rights but refused to criticize his party-man Keith Ellison or his friend Elizabeth Esty for abusing or condoning abuse. He is all for campaign finance reform but raises millions of dollars from PACs and big business. He asked for ten debates when he challenged an incumbent but now that he is the incumbent, it is no longer reasonable. He says he stands for immigrants and goes to Texas to “advocate” for them but when another immigrant American challenges, him he shows vitriolic contempt by refusing to be seen next to him.

Jim Himes and the new Democratic coalition PAC are not independent – they are obliged to their donors from whom they have taken millions of dollars. I am fiercely independent and can’t be bought. It is time for change.