Greenwich Republicans Pledge to be “Reasonable and Prudent” with Signs on Public Property

Submitted by Joe Montanaro, Vice Chair, Greenwich Republicans

The Greenwich Republicans, in line with our Common Sense mantra and our goal of promoting a sustainable future for our town, have decided to be reasonable and prudent about our overall usage of political signs on public property this election cycle.

We believe that hundreds of signs at every intersection and roadway in town is not only an eyesore, but it is very harmful to the environment both in the creation of the signs and the disposal of them in our landfills.

We have seen countless signs currently displayed all over town for various events and causes and do not believe it is a good look for our community.

We also believe in the personal touch of candidate lawn signs being displayed on private property. This promotes more interaction and dialogue among friends and neighbors. We encourage our voters to proudly put up our candidate’s signs in their yards or windows.

We enthusiastically support our full Republican slate and firmly back their approach to governance. Republican policies have kept Greenwich strong for countless decades. Our goal is to keep it that way for generations to come.

Vote for the Common Sense, Pro-Greenwich Republican team on November 7th or by Absentee ballot.

This fiscally responsible BET Team of: David Alfano, Nisha Arora, Karen Fassuliotis, Harry Fisher, Lucia Delvalle Jansen, Leslie Tarkington will protect our town.