CAPALBO: 100+ Residents Step Up to Protect & Preserve Greenwich’s Legacy

Submitted by Dr. Jill Capalbo, Greenwich

I am 66 years old and a third generation, lifetime Greenwich resident. In all my 66 years as a resident, I have not seen this kind of wake-up call from Greenwich residents. Our town has a 98-year legacy of trusted stewardship of the hard-earned taxpayer dollars entrusted to us by hard-working residents. This has resulted in a town that people aspire to live in, raise families and build community relationships. Our town’s residents enjoy high quality public and private schools, parks, beaches, civic centers, golf courses and town services with low taxes that are the envy of most towns.

Today over 100 residents across the 12 districts of Greenwich have stepped up to protect and preserve this precious legacy of our town for the next generation.

Where there is money to be made, opportunists will try and try again.

Look around you. Where there is land available, imagine a multi-unit “affordable housing” building. That is what you are protecting your district from. You are also protecting your property values and your way of life by supporting local zoning.

Quality schools are the pride of well-run towns. When the size of the schools becomes an ego trip, that is what you are pushing back against by supporting building right-sized schools.

Excessive spending increases taxes. This increases rents and lowers property values. For close to 100 years, responsible Republican citizens have been able to run this town well with the tax dollars that came in. You are protecting your district and keeping taxes low by supporting fiscally responsible Republicans.

Crime, burglaries, and carjacking are up. Residents are embarrassed to say that they have been robbed in Greenwich and businesses do not report crimes for fear of turning away customers.

You are making Greenwich safe again by supporting law-enforcement.

These 100 plus residents should get our thanks, our support, and our vote. The Republicans running for office should get our vote.

Democrats want control over Greenwich. The name-calling, lying and posturing will keep increasing.

Someone leaked a letter addressed to the 100 plus residents who have stepped up to protect Greenwich to the media. We wish this person and those who choose to use dishonorable methods all the best and may God give them courage to be true to their values.

When you read, see, and hear the lies – Remember, a 98-year Republican Greenwich is worth protecting.

Vote for the Common Sense, Pro-Greenwich Republican team on November 7th or by
Absentee ballot. This fiscally responsible BET Team of: David Alfano, Nisha Arora, Karen Fassuliotis, Harry Fisher, Lucia Delvalle Jansen, Leslie Tarkington will protect our town.