Floren: Vote Bernstein for BOE and Get Schooled

Letter to the editor submitted by State Rep Livvy Floren (R-149), October 21, 2017

Get schooled!

In this Board of Education election, our vote counts. For the second time in seven
years, we have a real choice. Three candidates are vying for the two Republican seats.

Now is the time for all of us who care about excellence in education and the sanctity of neighborhood schools to make a difference, cast your vote for incumbent Peter D Bernstein. (The other qualified candidates are Jason Auerbach and incumbent Peter Sherr.)

Peter Bernstein is fair minded, thoughtful, balanced and achievement oriented.

He has the intellectual integrity and civil demeanor necessary to accomplish the
important work of the Board of Education.

Two decades of professional legal and volunteer experience coupled with his demonstrated leadership skills and ability to be an independent thinker make him well qualified to serve.

Please join me and vote for Peter D. Bernstein on November 7.

Livvy R. Floren
State Representation 149th District