DiMarco and DeAngelo: Residents are Crying out for Safety and Accessibility

Submitted by Bob DeAngelo and Vin DiMarco, Co-chairs of the First Selectmen’s Active Transportation Task Force

What the Board of Estimate and Taxation and all who attended the final public hearing on the Budget Monday evening heard clearly was a refreshing call for safety and accessibility, whether for children walking to school, anyone walking to the beach, or conditions around and within school buildings, libraries, and other public spaces. (The overcrowding in this meeting – again – was a stark reminder).

Safety and accessibility for people by any means is paramount, and for those with disabilities, it is law. Of course, this is nothing new, but it seems that public awareness has grown to new heights, and more and more people are demonstrating their desire for safe infrastructure that they know is not only feasible, but now also possible because of State and Federal grants.

In the February Active Transportation Task Force (ATTF) meeting, DPW Deputy Commissioner Jim Michel ran through the list of Budget-submitted projects related to AT, a total of 11 projects, which can be
categorized as follows:

(3) Annual allocations – ($700K total)
– $100K for Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Townwide (signals and crosswalks)
– $450K for ADA Sidewalk Accessibility (for compliance)
– $150K to continue Safety Improvements in Byram

(1) Town-funded for compliance – $800K for Greenwich Ave ADA improvements

(5) Grant-funded ($400K cost to Town)
– $500K Safe Streets for All (SS4A) Action Plan ($400K reimbursement)
– $800K Field Pt Rd/RR Ave/Prospect St/Horseneck Ln (100% reimbursement)
– $1.5M RT Sidewalk Connectivity and ADA LOTCIP (100% reimbursement)
– $3.7M CMAQ RT 1 Adaptive Signal Control – PC-Stamf. (100% reimbursement)
– $6M Glenville Corridor CMAQ Traffic Mitigation (expected cost to Town $300K)

(2) Town-funded
– $250 Design Feasibility for Phase II Shore Rd Sidewalk
– $150K Weaver St sidewalk segment

Summarizing, Town funds of:
– $1.205M are required to bring more Town facilities into ADA compliance,
– $400K will provide Traffic and Pedestrian Improvements Townwide,
– $250K will provide design feasibility for Safe Pedestrian access Greenwich Point, and
– $400K matching funds will garner $12.1M in State and Federal grants for: upgrades to (3) critical intersections in Central Greenwich; improvements in sidewalk connectivity and traffic signal controls on RT 1; major congestion mitigation and pedestrian safety improvements in Glenville; and a Plan to implement a citizen-generated list of improvements to provide safety and accessibility for people using all legal forms of mobility – a Complete Streets Plan.

Greenwich citizens are demanding Safety and Accessibility improvements townwide, and State and Federal funds are available now to help make them happen. Now is the time to commit, accept and approve.

Vin DiMarco and Bob DeAngelo
Co-chairs of the First Selectmen’s Active Transportation Task Force