Investigation Under Way after Swastika is Etched into Walkway by Old Greenwich School

On Monday the Greenwich Schools superintendent Dr. Toni Jones and and principal of Old Greenwich School, Dr. Jen Bencivengo, emailed families to alert them that that morning it was discovered that the staircase by the gym entrance had been vandalized and a swastika had been etched into the walkway.

They said the Greenwich Police Dept had been called immediately, and, together with the school district’s Safety & Security Dept, the launched an investigation that discovered, from security video footage, two female student-aged individuals committed these unlawful and hateful acts on Sunday evening.

They said the police department had the case and were working in conjunction with the district to identify the two individuals.

“We would like to reinforce that bigotry and hate, in any form, have no place in Greenwich Public Schools,” Jones and Bencivengo said. “We encourage you to have age-appropriate conversations with your children to promote kindness and tolerance for everyone. Your school counselors are available for assistance.”

They added that once the vandalism was documented by the police department, the Greenwich DPW cleared the carving from the concrete and the district’s Facilities department repaired the staircase.

Anyone with information related to the incident was encouraged to reach out to the Greenwich Police.