CROW: Experience, passion and compassion win elections.

Submitted by Trevor Crow

As our 3 town committees, New Canaan, Stamford, and Greenwich
prepare to select our delegates for the State Senate District 36 Convention, as you make your decisions on who will be the best
Democratic candidate to nominate, I want voters to know who I am and what I will do for District 36.

My professional background, as a mental health professional, Harvard educated small business owner for close to 20 years, informs my objectives; to battle Domestic Violence, to address an alarming rise in suicides, teen depression and anxiety, loneliness, and to support addiction recovery and to continue to fight for gun safety legislation, and to support the needs of our LBGTQ+ community.

I believe that a rising tide lifts all boats; when we create an environment where businesses can thrive, we also create
opportunities to ensure our communities can thrive. We can’t support our social programs without a robust economy. When we encourage healthy businesses, we can create an environment where the needs of everyone can be met, cradle to grave. We can fund our schools while providing support for elderly residents aging in place. It is my goal to be a representative for all members of our community. As a Democrat, I believe deeply in compassion, collaboration, and innovation.

I am a proponent for making government more efficient at supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. Connecticut has made great progress in recent years in attracting new businesses to our state; we can do even better by cutting red tape and making it easier to start and to move businesses here. Under Democratic leadership, we have come a long way in paying down unfunded liabilities, balancing our budget, and filling our rainy-day fund to the brim. Continuing our fiscally responsible approach, encouraging business growth to keep down taxes, is a strategy I support. I will support a fair and balanced budget.

My job, once elected, is to go to Hartford and fight to bring back as many resources to our community as possible. I will be dedicated to finding money to fund school buildings, to build out green energy infrastructure and to solve our thorny transportation issues. From an environmental standpoint, we need to protect our fragile coastal waterfront, mitigate flooding and to clean up the very air we breathe. I will be creative in finding pockets of unused monies for sustainability.

63% of registered Democrats in our district are highly educated
women, but women only make up 33% of our State Senate. We care, we read, and we are active. Representation matters. I will remain vigilant in protecting the rights of women in a post Roe environment, where IVF is on the chopping block nationally and where anti-abortion protests are happening outside our own state capitol. Issues that are important and support women and families, matter to everyone.

By selecting me, Trevor Crow, to be the endorsed Democratic
Candidate for State Senate District 36, you are supporting the battle tested candidate who knocked on 4500 doors last cycle, who has name recognition in her own right, who will rely on public funding, who garnered over 21,000 votes, who has real world experience and a genuine passion for helping people. Experience, passion, and compassion win elections.