Borelli: Fiorello is a tireless worker

Submitted by Tom Borelli, Greenwich

On November 8th, I will be voting for Republican State Representative Kimberly Fiorello for re-election and I encourage all members of the 149th district to do so as well. 

Fiorello is a tireless worker who fights for her constituents by advancing policies to provide safety and prosperity for families.

With crime on the rise, Fiorello is a strong advocate for law enforcement in the state legislature and as a result, she was recently endorsed by the Stamford Police Association (SPA) and the Silver Shield Association (SSA). 

Fiorello protects property rights and led the fight to keep local zoning in the community and not under state control. State control of local zoning would destroy property values and threaten public safety. 

With inflation and energy prices skyrocketing, affordability for families is under pressure. Fiorello is focused on getting Connecticut’s economy moving in the right direction by seeking ways to cut taxes and needless regulations which fosters business investment in our community. 

Voters must ignore direct mail pieces critical of Fiorello’s voting record. Fiorello will not sacrifice her principles and cast votes for catchy titled bills that in fact do nothing for the long-term safety and prosperity for Connecticut families.  

As always, the devil is in the details but Democrat critics including her opponent want to gloss over the fine print of bills to score cheap political points. Voting no to stop the legislative madness from the Democrat dominated state government is exactly why we need Fiorello as our state representative. 

To suggest Fiorello opposes meaningful tax cuts or debt reduction that would positively change the trajectory of the state’s economy is a classic example of Democrat truth twisting. 

The fact remains that Connecticut, like the country, is moving in the wrong direction under Democrat one-party rule and we should be thankful that Representatives such as Fiorello have the courage to stand up to Democrat policies responsible for its decline.”