Bocchino: Budkins Has Demonstrated Ability to Serve Town of Greenwich as Town Clerk

Letter to the editor from Mike Bocchino

A vote for Carmella Budkins is a vote of confidence in her demonstrated ability to serve the Town of Greenwich and protect its valuable resources.

Carmella is known by all to be proficient, genuine, reliable and professional. The Town of Greenwich has one of the most accessible Town Clerk’s Offices in the entire state. Through Carmella’s leadership residents can access all recorded documents from present day and dating back as far as 66 years. Not only can this be accomplished in the clerk’s office but also from the workplace and comfort of one’s home.

The Town Clerk’s staff is knowledgeable, courteous and kind. Whether Democrat, Republican, Independent or Unaffiliated everyone is treated with the utmost respect. This is a direct reflection of the leadership and work ethic’s of our wonderful Town Clerk, Carmella Budkins.

Please join me, November 5th, and vote for experience, cost efficiency, up-to-date recordkeeping, and effective management.

Vote Carmella Budkins for Town Clerk, the best choice for Greenwich and the only choice for me.

Mike Bocchino
Former, CT State Representative