BETH KRUMEICH: Gevanter Will Be an Effective Voice for Greenwich from Day One

Submitted by Beth Krumeich

Alexis Gevanter will be an effective voice for our town from Day One in the State Senate. As an attorney and mother of two children, Alexis is prepared to tackle the most important issues facing our town, education, the economy and the environment.

Alexis has distinguished herself as a prominent advocate for gun safety and knows her way around Hartford. As an experienced advocate, Alexis is well versed in reaching consensus and knows how to get things done. Alexis has the ear of many people in and out of State government.

As a member of the majority caucus in the Senate, Alexis will actively participate in the governance of Connecticut, unlike her Republican opponent who, if elected, would be in the much smaller caucus. We need Alexis’ strong voice in Hartford speaking on our behalf.

Please join me in voting for Alexis Gevanter on or before Tuesday, August 17.