Band Parents Letter: No evidence was produced at the hearings to merit firing Mr. Yoon.

The following open letter to the Board of Education from John and Lucy Langley was submitted, Nov. 15, 2015

Dear Members of the Board of Education,

We are writing to you as we are greatly concerned at the lack of information the Board has received regarding Mr John Yoon’s case, and at the way the Greenwich Public School Administration is treating him.

As the elected Board, representing the Greenwich community, you will be deciding the future of Mr. Yoon, his family, and the current and future GHS Band members and we think it is of the utmost priority that you have plenty of time to study all the facts before deciding on the outcome.

We are therefore forwarding the entire hearing transcripts to you.  We hope that as responsible elected representatives you take the time to read these so that you are aware of all the facts and can make an educated and informed decision.

Having a child who attended Band all four years at the High School we found Mr. Yoon to be an outstanding and dedicated teacher.  We are at a loss to understand why we even have to contemplate losing such an asset to the Greenwich Public Schools.  Mr. Yoon goes beyond the ordinary “classroom” teaching to give his students a rich Band experience by immersing them in different environments, performance opportunities and cultures.

No evidence was produced at the hearings to merit firing Mr. Yoon. They did highlighted the fact that there was no professional evaluation process and that the accuracy of the complaints were not investigated by the Administration.  In fact, items included in the Statement of Reason were known to be false.  The case against Mr. Yoon has no merit.

Respectfully yours,

John & Lucy Langley