Arzeno: Believing in the message of service best demonstrated by action and involvement

Submitted by Hector Arzeno, State Rep Elect (D-151)

When we started the campaign for the 151st your enthusiasm for democracy infused energy into our small but hard-working group. Last week, your votes brought our community a historic election for the Town of Greenwich on November 8th. 

Thank you for believing with me in the message of service best demonstrated by action and involvement.  I was guided by this motto each day on the campaign and every day before and after. We did not set out with the hubris of success but hope.

Reflecting on the last few months, I will forever hold a deep gratitude for the thoughtful conversations while I walked thousands of doorsteps, the volunteers that made phone calls, wrote letters, the neighbors with a friendly hello or “hec yes!”, those of you who put out our lawn sign, those that hosted meet and greets, and especially my family that have continued to support me on this path.  

Whomever your vote was cast for this election, I want you to know that as your newly elected Representative I will work each day to earn the trust that has been placed in me to build consensus, seek solutions, and create a community of respect in which every voice is included. 

Thank you!

Hector Arzeno

Democratic Candidate Elect for CT 151st State Representative