ANDERSON: Why I will be voting for Rachel Khanna for State Representative

Submitted by Gerald Anderson, 40 Year Greenwich resident

Rachel is a Thoughtful Leader

When I was chair of RTM District 10 and Rachel was a member of the District, I had the opportunity to work with her. She is a level headed moderate who carefully analyzed the issues which came before the RTM.

Rachel Is a Strong Advocate for Fire Safety In Northwest Greenwich

Rachel is a long time supporter of improved fire service in the Northwest section of Greenwich. Not many people know how poor the fire response is in Northwest Greenwich. Round Hill station is still completely volunteer which makes it hard for them to get to fires quickly.

Rachel will protect a Woman’s Right to Choose

Rachel is passionate about protecting women’s access to abortion and family planning.

Rachel Will Work to Protect Our Gun Safety Laws

Rachel seeks the right balance in preventing gun violence without infringing on the ability of law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights. As a gun owner and former Special (volunteer) Policeman in Greenwich, I appreciate her approach. I am glad she is against assault weapons.

Rachel is a Fiscal Conservative

As a longtime Republican, I feel confident Rachel embraces the moderate values and fiscal priorities that reflect the people of this district. Rachel is committed to reducing or eliminating taxes like the estate tax and gift tax and to ensuring that every budget is a tax-neutral and balanced budget. She firmly believes that zoning decisions should be made locally and opposes the 8-30g housing law. She wants to make sure that our district gets its fair share from the State. Our Town contributes a huge portion of state revenues, but we see little in return.

Please Vote for Rachel

Rachel has earned the endorsements of the Independent Party, the Stamford Firefighters Association, the CT League of Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood and CT Against Gun Violence. She deserves your support too. Please will vote for her to be the 149th District Representative.

Gerald Anderson
40 Year Greenwich Resident

NOTE: The deadline to submit letters to the editor for the Nov 8 election is Nov 1 at 12:00 noon.