Natural Balance Reflexology Celebrates 10 Years in Old Greenwich.

Natural Balance Reflexology is celebrating its ten year anniversary in Old Greenwich. Louis Veltri, Certified Reflexologist and founder of Natural Balance Reflexology LLC, has been treating clients in the Fairfield and Westchester areas out of his 210 Sound Beach Avenue office since 2009.

Reflexology is based on the premise that there are reflex points in our feet, hands, and ears and that every organ and system of the body is interconnected through the nervous system to these points. Stimulating these specific reflex points can bring needed nutrients to poorly functioning areas of the body which improves nerve function and blood supply and helps alleviate stress and other health problems. This can help restore balance throughout the body by utilizing the body’s natural healing ability.

“I see more people wanting to incorporate alternative healing modalities as a part of their overall wellness plan. I help address my client’s health issues such as stress, low energy, back pain, side effects of cancer treatments, vertigo, digestive issues, and foot numbness, just to name a few,” said Veltri.

Reflexology can be used in conjunction with traditional medical practices treating clients of any age.

About Natural Balance Reflexology: Louis Veltri, an Old Greenwich resident, and founder of Natural Balance Reflexology has been practicing reflexology since 2005.

Veltri is a graduate of the New York Open Center’s Reflexology certification program, and is certified in Foot, Hand, and Ear Reflexology. He has studied under Father Josef Eugster, and Ko Tan of the American Academy of Reflexology. Louis has also studied with Memorial Sloan Kettering Oncology Nurse and Board Certified Reflexology Therapist, Susan Berenson, author of “Reflexology and Cancer; Symptom Management & Contraindications.”

Louis is a member of the International Reflexology Association.