Greenwich “Makes Some Noise” for Heroic Frontline Workers

Healthcare workers at Greenwich Hospital. Photo: ©J.D. Durrans 2020

Photo: ©J.D. Durrans 2020

Janet Delos (L) & Demetri Delos (R) gather with their children to thank the healthcare workers as they finish their shift at Greenwich Hospital. From left to right their children are: Leo, 5 – Sia, 2 – Dean, 7 – Mila 7. In the background, one of many vehicles’ occupants wave and ‘honk’ in support. Photo: ©J.D. Durrans 2020

On Wednesday night the rescheduled townwide “Make Some Noise” effort supported health care workers and first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier in the day First Selectman Fred Camillo said the idea was for people all over town to participate and rally around those on the front lines.

“It reminds you, if you’re a history buff, of when people rallied around the collective war effort to salute and thank those on the front lines,” Camillo said. “In this case it’s health care workers and first responders.”

Camillo said he hoped that people will remember the effort when looking back.

“When we’re beyond this, and there is a vaccine in place, we want people to remember that people put their lives on the line every day,” he said. “It also reminds me of 911 when people learned of firemen running in to the buildings when everybody was running out.”

At 7:00pm across town, churches rang their chimes and families banged pots and pans and hooted their gratitude to the health care workers and first responders who put themselves on the front line every day to ensure our safety.

As healthcare workers arrive for their shift, they’re cheered on by local Greenwich families, gathering (appropriately social distancing) to thank them. In the foreground is Melissa Lindland and her sons, Parker and Zach (with pots, & dog.) Photo: ©J.D. Durrans 2020

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