Tips for a Safe Experience at the Dog Park

Contributed by Veterinary Emergency Group 

As temperatures warm up, Greenwich residents are getting outside with their dogs more often. The dog park can provide dogs with a place to run, jump, play and interact with other dogs and humans alike. However, they can also be risky, so it’s important to practice good dog park safety any time they go.

Below are some tips to educate your readers about important safety tips to help them get them ready for a trip to the dog park. 

  • SKIP THE TOYS – Some dogs may become very protective of toys, even those that don’t belong to them. Toys could cause fights and scuffles, so skip playing with them at the park unless you’re alone.
  • DON’T OVERTIRE YOUR DOG – An overtired dog is more likely to snap out of aggression or frustration. Overtiring can happen if you keep your dog in an overstimulating environment—like a dog park—for too long. If he’s never been before, keep your visit to about a half-hour to test the waters. From there, you can increase the time bit by bit.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO OTHER DOGS – Pay attention to the other dogs that interact with your pet and recognize when they may be getting too aggressive or hostile for your liking.
  • TRAIN OBEDIENCE COMMANDS – The better your dog is with obedience commands, the more likely he will be to respond appropriately to those commands when he’s at the dog park.
  • KNOW YOUR DOG’S SIGNS – Know your dog’s body language and physical cues when something is going wrong. Recognize when he may be excited or nervous, or when he may be a little too fearful or aggressive. 
  • FOLLOW THE RULES – Although most dog parks have very similar rules, they may differ from place to place. Read and familiarize yourself with the rules so you can provide a safe environment for every dog there. 

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