Meet Bingo at Paws Crossed Animal Rescue

Paws Crossed Animal Rescue would love to introduce you to their sweet, laid-back, senior-dog Bingo, who still has the most adorable pep in his step and is looking for a forever home to live out his glory days.

Bingo is a 13-year old lab-mix that doesn’t discriminate when it comes to treats. He loves treats of all shapes and sizes.

A few things to know about this sweet boy are that he: (1) LOVES TREATS, just as much as affection. Seriously, he can smell any treats you’ve hidden in your pockets and will wag his little tail until he gets one, (2) He is good with other dogs and children, (3) He does have some weakness in his hind-legs, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying his daily walks or playtime and (4) He would do best in a home with no stairs or that has an elevator.

“Bingo came to Paws Crossed through our awesome transport partners, Animal Aid USA, when his owner passed away and there was no family member or friend that was able to step up and take him in”, said Julie Potter, Business and Development Director at Paws Crossed.

“As soon as he arrived at Paws Crossed, we just knew this was one special older gentleman. He quickly became a favorite with his jaunty little walk, wiggly nub tail and silly personality,” Potter added.

There is nothing like the love of a senior pet. If you open your home to a senior, you will find you have filled your heart and life with so much love. Now … who is ready for a game-of-life with Bingo!?

For more information on adopting Bingo, please contact Donna at (914) 372-7878 or via email at [email protected]

Let’s find this sweet senior the loving home he longs for and so deserves. More information on Bingo here.

Paws Crossed is a true no-kill, non-profit animal rescue. Their mission is to “Rescue One By One Until There Are None.”

Paws crossed is located at 100 Warehouse Lane South in Elmsford, NY 10523

More on Paws Crossed Animal Rescue is available on their website or Facebook page.

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