40 Mile Per Hour Couch Potatoes: Greyhounds Among the Treasures at Knights of Columbus Flea Market

The Knights of Columbus Flea Market took place on Oct 4 and the weather was perfect for those among us who like to explore the booths in search of treasures. Among the 40’s kitchen kitch and rough diamonds, were the rescued racing dogs in the care of Greyhound Rescue & Rehabilitation, Hodges and Rusty.

“They’re 40 mile per hour couch potatoes,” said Christine Johnson, of the rescue group. “They’re loving, gentle, funny and smart,” she continued, listing advantages of adopting a retired greyhound race dog. “They’re not droolers and they’re not smelly.”

Johnson said greyhounds are not considered domesticated animals under federal law. When their racing careers are over, typically they are euthanized.

Cons? “If you get one, you’ll want two or three,” Johnson said, adding that the adoption process involves a home visit, vet and reference checks. “We want to place them all in good loving, responsible homes. Other requirements include love, patience and a sense of humor.

Johnson said the greyhounds come from racetracks in places like Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama and West Virginia. “Rusty ran 160 races and then hurt his leg,” she said. The three-year old boy is very friendly and adjusting to being a pet.

Hodges is also very sweet, but a bit more shy. He is considered a special needs dog as he is skittish with flashing lights, loud noise and sudden fast movements. He would love a fenced yard and another dog for company. During his racing career, he ran his heart out and has 150 races under his belt.

To learn more about Hodges or Rusty, or have questions about adopting or fostering greyhounds from Greyhound Rescue & Rehabilitation, call (914) 763-2221.


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