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Khanna condemns healthcare rate increases

“Unfortunately, my opponent, Kimberly Fiorello, has repeatedly voted against healthcare affordability. She rejected bills requiring insurers to cover breast cancer diagnostics and to make epi-pens more affordable. Now, instead of holding multi-billion dollar insurance companies accountable, she is attacking the need for essential medical services that CT residents are legally entitled to receive, such as ambulance transport, anesthesia, and diabetes treatment. As your representative, I will always fight to keep healthcare affordable, and will hold health insurance companies accountable.” – Rachel Khanna Continue Reading →

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TALKING TRANSPORTATION: The Merritt Parkway is Not for Trucks

“Many truckers blame their GPS for directing them onto the parkways, so some insurance companies are offering financial incentives for fleet owners that use “smart GPS” designed for commercial drivers which will warn drivers of over-height vehicles to stay away. But if you’re using a regular GPS unit or an app like WAZE, you’re out of luck.” – Jim Cameron Continue Reading →

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