Serendipity Magazine Keeps Seven GHS Interns Busy

Serendipity magazine is a widely read magazine in Fairfield County, so it is no wonder why so many Greenwich High School seniors were eager to apply there for internships this year.

The magazine has seven interns from GHS –Bella Moore, Christina Combias, Alex Reap, Lizzie Commaroto, Remi Rosmarin, Stephanie Paiva, and Alex Grundy —  all of whom carry out different tasks throughout the week.

Typically, the interns work daily from 9:30 am until 3:00 pm, though times vary depending on the events they attend.

The main goal that the interns are working towards is getting sponsors for the annual Greenwich Wine and Food Festival this coming September. The event features live performances from musical guests, and demonstrations by celebrity chefs. Festival-goers are encouraged to walk from tent to tent and try food and wine from various restaurants found around town.

Though the interns are working very hard to create a successful turnout for the festival this year we were lucky enough to get a hold of Bella Moore and Christina Combias to ask them a few questions regarding their internship thus far.

Unlike the other sites we have been to, Bella and Christina are constantly on the road carrying out different missions. For example, today the two were sent to hand out bags with Serendipity merchandise to people touring the gardens of an estate on Clapboard Ridge Road (Serendipity sponsors these tours.) Bella and Christina are really enjoying the places that they have been to.

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 8.52.29 AM

Garden at 218 Clapboard Ridge Road. Photo courtesy of Bella Moore

“We probably would not have seen this beautiful garden otherwise, so it is a really cool that we get to venture outside of town a bit,” Bella said.

Christina and Bella work Monday through Friday and are consistent in accomplishing their tasks to the fullest, even if just running a simple errand.

After visiting three internship sites prior to Serendipity, it is interesting to see such variety in what the GHS students have been doing; it provides insight into the students’ lives outside of school. The girls efforts at Serendipity reflect the same hard work and diligence that can be found in the classroom. They are certainly a force to be reckoned with when it comes to achieving a goal!



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