RMA to Host John P Reese: “Learning from Luminary Investors – The Wisdom of Warren Buffet, Ben Graham and Peter Lynch”

The Greenwich Retired Men’s Association will host speaker John P Reese on Wednesday, Feb 22 at 11:00am.

The presentation will be in person and you are invited to attend. You can also view the presentation on ZOOM.


Get ready to unlock the secrets of investing success with the legendary wisdom of Warren Buffet, Ben Graham, and Peter Lynch! Discover how these luminary investors have changed the investment landscape and revolutionized the way we approach investing.

In this enlightening speech, our expert speaker will delve into the unique philosophies and strategies of these three titans of investing, sharing their insights and perspectives on the investment world.

From Warren Buffet’s high-quality value investing, to Ben Graham’s deep value focus and margin of safety, to Peter Lynch’s growth-at-a-reasonable-price approach, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the methods that have made these investors the most successful in history.

Whether you’re a hands-on or hands-off investor, this is a must-attend event for anyone looking to take their investments to the next level. So, don’t miss your chance to learn from the best and join us for “Learning from Luminary Investors: The Wisdom of Warren Buffet, Ben Graham, and Peter Lynch.

John P. Reese is a pioneer in the world of quantitative investing and the mastermind behind Validea Capital Management. As co-founder and CEO of this wealth management firm, John has made a name for himself with his innovative and patented approach to stock analysis and portfolio management.

John’s expertise has resulted in the creation and implementation of highly effective, systematic, and algorithmic investment strategies inspired by the legendary investors.With his unparalleled knowledge and commitment to educating investors, John has helped countless individuals and professionals achieve their investment goals through Validea Capital. He is a graduate of both MIT and Harvard Business School, co-author of two books, “The Market Gurus” and “The Guru Investor,” and a sought-after speaker, with columns appearing in Forbes, TheStreet.com, Seeking Alpha, and Canada’s Globe and Mail. John has also made appearances on CNBC, Fox, BNN, and MSN.