RMA Featured Speaker: Captain Michael Fredie on US Coast Guard’s Role in Homeland Security

On Jan 18, The Retired Men’s Association of Greenwich (RMA) featured speaker will be Captain Michael Fredie. His talk is titled: “United States Coast Guard and its role in U.S. Homeland Security.”

Th talk begins at 11:00am sharp at the First Presbyterian Church, 37 Lafayette Place, Greenwich, CT.

The program will also be shown on Webinar: https://bit.ly/30IBj21

Protector of U.S. borders, shores and ports, first responders to maritime disasters, skilled in search and rescue operations, and enforcer of laws against illegal drug smugglers and offshore environmental pollution, the Coast Guard does it all and much more.

Captain Michael Fredie, Director of Admissions, U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, will speak on the multiple missions of the coast guard and its role in protecting our nation. Unique among the armed forces in not being part of the Defense Department, the Coast Guard is a military branch within the Department of Homeland Security and part of the departments of treasury and transportation. Whereas the U.S. Navy operates throughout the globe, the Coast Guard mainly conducts its many missions within the U.S. and its waterways.

Captain Fredie’s diverse assignment in his 26 year career give him an in depth knowledge of the coast guard. A graduate of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy’s class of 1996, as a newly commissioned ensign he served as the combat information officer aboard USCGC MELLON, based in Seattle, WA. Subsequent assignments included five counter narcotics deployments aboard U.S. Naval warships patrolling the Eastern Pacific Ocean and Caribbean, officer in charge of two high-speed intercept craft combating the go-fast drug smuggling threat on the high seas, and commanding officer of the USCG Tactical Law Enforcement Team South (TACLET South) based in Opa Locka, FL.

Captain Fredie has served as the Coast Guard Academy’s Director of Admissions since April of 2018 where he has led the recruitment, selection and onboarding efforts for the Academy classes for five years.