Parking Permit Renewal in Greenwich: What You Need to Know

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The Department of Parking Services will mail out “Save the Date” Postcards in August for the 2017 Annual Parking Permit Renewal program.

The 2017 renewal process will start on August 8, 2016 with online renewals (postcards will have information to renew online).

The online portal will be open for four months, Aug. 8, 2016 until Nov. 4, 2016, to encourage permit holders to renew online.

The online portal will shut down on November 4, 2016 and letters will be mailed to the remaining permit holders in September for October 17, 2016 mail-in/drop off renewals (letters will have instructions to mail-in/drop off applications).

In an effort to promote online renewals, the Dept. of Parking Services is giving away two permits for free for individuals who renew their permit online.

The Online Parking Promotion is only open to individuals who renew their annual parking permit online. Winners will be randomly selected on Nov. 7 and notified by Parking Services.

All applicants will also be given the opportunity to pick up their permits by submitting their application by the pick-up dates listed below. *Please Note, all applications submitted after the postmarked date of Dec. 19 will be required to pick up their permit the first week of January.*

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Applications submitted after 12/19/16 must be picked up first week of January. Permits will not be mailed after Dec. 19, 2016 . All 2017 Parking Permits will be effective Jan. 2, 2017. Any permit applications postmarked after Dec. 31, 2016 will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list.