Last Minute Greenwich Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

While I haven’t ever had to go shopping for gifts to give a guy on Valentine’s Day myself, I hear it can be somewhat difficult. My job is easy: candy, flowers, jewelry. Maybe a hoodie-footie. The roadmap is all laid out for me.

The radio and TV just keep inundating me with ideas of “what to get that special girl” to celebrate the corporately concocted, overly commercialized romantic holiday. So here’s my list of things you can get in Greenwich that your guy might appreciate.

Miller Motorcars on a snowy day. Credit: JC

Miller Motorcars on a snowy day. Credit: John Collins

If you’re not in a position to test-drive in a Ferrari or splurge on a luxurious tropical getaway, try heading to Greenwich Avenue, instead. The place is lined with stores full of great gifts for your Valentine.

Obviously, Sidewalk Sales aren’t going on at the moment – I mean, have you LOOKED outside recently?! But you can still find lots of great things on “The Ave” to give a guy, including gloves and a scarf, or a nice looking sweater.

On Greenwich Ave., vineyard vines is stocked with comfortable, stylish clothing and accessories that men always appreciate getting.

Credit: Vineyard Vines

Credit: Vineyard Vines

Kate Foley, from the company’s headquarters, mentioned the red or pink sweaters, and said that hats, belts, and ties are all popular items this time of year. (Disclaimer: I never read 50 Shades of Gray, so if that’s where you think this might be headed, I’m innocent, naive and completely in the dark).

Speaking of literature, Diane’s Books is a good place to stop if your Valentine is a bookworm or history buff.

Theresa suggested looking at Diane’s Picks, and said that the store has plenty of titles for almost any interest. Hope to Die by James Patterson and The Churchill Factor by Boris Johnson have been two of their hot sellers lately. Personally, I’d suggest picking up a copy of The Wisdom of Wooden by Coach John Wooden; The Captain: The Journey of Derek Jeter by Ian O’Connor; or basically anything else about sports or the Yankees, but that’s just me…

Bruce Park Sports is also located right off The Avenue if you’re shopping for a sports fan. They have lots of sports equipment and team gear that are always appreciated, like hats, jerseys, and other fun athletic items.

Paddle Rackets and Basketballs. Credit: JC.

Basketballs and Paddle Rackets Galore at Bruce Park Sports. Credit: JC

Owner Mark Bisanzo said that paddle tennis rackets are especially popular right now, and suggested taking a look at some of the team gear available.

No winner in sight... Credit: JC

No winner in sight… Credit: John Collins

If you’d rather indulge youthful creativity (and perhaps a nostalgic streak of innocent pyromania), Ann’s Hobby Center in Cos Cob has a nice selection of model cars, airplanes, and rocket kits sure to spark his interest.

Model cars at Ann's Hobby Center. Credit: JC

Model cars at Ann’s Hobby Center. Credit: John Collins

Tank kits at Ann's. Credit: JC

Tank kits at Ann’s. Credit: John Collins

Proud store owner Ann pointed out that “it’s definitely a guy store” with great choices ranging from quad copters to train sets and Estes Rocket Kits.

Wall of Rockets at the Hobby Center. Credit: JC

Wall of Rockets at the Hobby Center. Credit: John Collins

For the less dangerous, Greenwich Music also has plenty of guitars, amps, and other musical equipment, as long as you are alright with loud noises.

Guitars at Greenwich Music. Credit: JC

Guitars at Greenwich Music. Credit: John Collins

Amps at Greenwich Music. Credit: JC

Amps at Greenwich Music. Credit: John Collins

Greenwich Music employee Ray Delmazzio highlighted a few of the guitars, amps, and musical accessories as great gift ideas. If you’re lucky, maybe he’ll even learn a song to serenade you.

Perfect for playing "Center Field." . Credit: JC

Perfect for playing John Fogerty’s “Center Field.” Credit: John Collins

There’s a quick, last minute list of things you can find locally to get before the big day on Saturday. I guess now all I need is a Valentine…


Ann’s Hobby Center in 405 East Putnam Ave in Cos Cob. Tel. (203) 869-0969

Bruce Park Sports is located at 104 Mason Street. Tel. (203) 869-1382

Greenwich Music is located at 1200 East Putnam Ave. Tel. (203) 637-1119

Diane’s Books  is located at 8 Grigg St. Tel. (203)  869-1515

vineyard vines is located at 142 Greenwich Ave. Tel. (203) 661-1803

Miller Motorcars is located at 342 West Putnam Ave. Tel. (203) 629-3890



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